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Minggu, 26 September 2010


listen people do your self a favour and avoid watching this movie. the guns are without and triggers , the flashes and sparks are all computer generated , the explosions are all fake, the cut scenes are all copied from other ones and it has unnecessary things e.g they keep on showing the same building getting bombarded over and over again. there are pointless scenes and so unrealistic. the directors really did have a tight budget. so if you want to see this movie you might as well search it up in a search engine and watch it online. there is no point in buying dis movie or even renting it. i admit the acting was fairly good but there was no realism at all, as in one seen they had to save a kid from dying because he got shot. so obviously the seals would have medical packs or something because its obvious who would go into combat fully prepared and without field dressings, they know they are dealing with guns someone is bound to get shot. so if it was a real life situation they would’ve been fully prepared

Genre : West Movie

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1.part 1
2.part 2
3.part 3
4.part 4


A very inspiring film that is also very well shot, it will keep you glued to the screen throughout. It gives a history of a conflict, but instead of faceless statistics, it focuses on one young man’s story, making it so much easier to relate to. I couldn’t help crying during some parts, and laughing during others. War child does send you on an emotional roller coaster, but it’s definitely worth it. The movie makes you want to dance along, sing along, and then go out and do something worthwhile.

The music is great and the shots of Southern Sudan are breathtaking. War child is definitely worth watching, and then watching again. Two thumbs up.

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First, it takes a lot of guts to release a movie so atypical compared to the “hollywood stuff” were watching normally. No stunts, no great looking actors, no digital tricks, no commercial music, no brilliant colors, not even a pleasant hero.
Nevertheless this film offers something, that most of the 1a productions lack off: Credibility!
Dan Eberle plays a loser, who is selling his soul for thirty bucks a day to work as a courier for drug dealers. If that would nor be bad enough, every time he jobs something goes wrong and he ends up beaten up, without money and with even more problems than he had the day before. Nobody is respecting him or taking him for serious. The only thing he seems to be able to manage in his life is his addiction to drugs, he is clean.
So what’s so interesting about this film? Well, the fact that it could be a real story, something that really happens every day in every part of the world. The dirty truth, ugly, bloody, revolting and pitiful…
But very interesting, like when two people have a fight in front of you… you can’t stop watching, you just stare at it motionless although you don’t support it.
Do yourself a favor and watch this movie, it’s original, brutal and somehow very fascinating. I will keep my copy and watch it again, what not happens to often.

Genre : West Movie

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