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Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Pandemic & The Good, the Bad, the Weird

This is an entertaining thriller. It’s definitely not an Acadamey contender but it’s got a good ride for the audience. Even though it’s not a deep, meaningful movie; the movie goer is left pondering different elements of the story line. The acting’s fine. This is a good popcorn movie to watch. Pandemic is Jason Connery’s first film to direct and there are some minor mistakes, but nothing that makes this film a screwup. He’s has potential of being a really good director. I don’t think anyone who was involved in making this film would be embarrassed by it. It’s a low budget film that delivers. Any movie, that can take the audience’s mind off from their daily lives, is a success. That’s what movies are all about.


The Good, the Bad, the Weird
I went to see this movie during the film-festival and I have to say, if you take the free pringles into consideration, this was pretty much one of the best action-comedy-adventure movies I’ve seen this year. Lots of people complaining about the lack of story or plot, but thats where I believe its strength lies ( I will not spoil anything ). Because a movie doesn’t have to be so complex for it to be good or entertaining. It doesn’t contain any “forced” love scenes or unnecessary display of emotion. Its just an pure action movie with cool characters and an awesome soundtrack. It is kinda long, but never boring. The ones who made this should be really pleased.Great cinematic and capturing ( the cgi in the beginning is really well made and the overall filming is high class ), awesome fast paced and amusing action scenes which leave little to be desired and the movie progresses with a good flow and you never feel lost

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