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Minggu, 26 September 2010


First, I’ll let you know about our demographic (to help you decide if you will relate to my review or not): I am a parent of a 10 year old boy, a 7 year old girl, and a 2 month old baby. I am in my early 30s, and my wife is in her late 20s. We are moderate movie-goers, as in, we watch a fair number of movies, and we miss a lot of movies. I am University educated, my kids are fairly typical of their age, and my wife is also fairly well educated.We decided to go to this movie with our children at 9:20 PM on a Saturday Night which was actually also our 11th anniversary. It was a bit of a risk, and considering the rating that this movie seems to have, it could have ended horribly (considering it was our anniversary) We all quite enjoyed this movie. It’s not overly complicated, but it’s got a fairly unique plot, decent script, excellent character development, and it seems to steer clear of some of the more cliché stereotypes that could have plagued this type of movie.

It’s pure fantasy, and it’s nearly 100% kids movie, but we adults didn’t have to “suffer” through it. My wife and I laughed heartily at much of the situational humour; both my kids laughed uproariously at most of the silly funny moments, and the situational humour. The visuals were quite pleasing, without being annoying (I find the latest 3D craze with so many movies rather annoying, for example). The voices were well cast, the scripts and voice-acting was well done and quite seamless. I didn’t find myself thinking, “I know who that voice is!” at all, because it wasn’t something that popped into my mind.

So, I gave this a 7. Why not higher?, you might ask. Well, it’s not ground-breaking, it wasn’t epic, and it wasn’t a movie that leaves me thinking about something for a long time. It wasn’t lower because there was nothing blatantly bad about this show. It was all enjoyable, and none of us regret having seen this show on our anniversary.

Genre : Animation Movie

Download here
1.part 1
2.part 2
3.part 3
4.part 4


little Hercules 3-D
This time I come to you with Little Hercules featuring the entire Hogan family – before the messy divorce. We have Terry “Hulk” Hogan as Zeus the father of little Hercules (Richard Sandrak). So Little Herc sneaks away to earth while his father is arguing with Marduk (Paul “Big Show” Wight) about which is better: Mt. Olympus or Babylon? During his adventures he becomes friends with Curtis (Marc John Jefferies) a young kid whose mother, Dana (Robin Givens) is trying to find Mr. Right. Curtis and Hercules get into trouble with the bully in the movie XX (Nick Hogan) who tries and make’s Hercules life a living hell. Hercules then goes to school with Curtis where we find out that the place is closing. The Dean of the school, Kevin (Judd Nelson) has had the place in his family for years and wants to have the school win the last track and field meet a win along with the coach. The movie goes on and of course Hercules wins everything but then is challenged by Marduk and Kintaro (Daniel Lue). While on earth Hercules has to decide if he wants to stay human or stay a god. His step mother Hera (Diane Venora) tries to convince him to stay so her real children can become the next in line for the kingdom after Zeus. At the end we see what Hercules decides and what Zeus decides for him. I guess even in the movies Hogan Knows Best (lol). The film also has a quick segment with the secretary of the dean who is played by Linda Bollea Hogan and also a dance for the kids which feature Robin (Brooke Hogan).

Genre : West Movie

Download Here
1.part 1
2.part 2
3.part 3
4.part 4

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