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Sabtu, 25 September 2010

This film explores the origin of true hackers vs. today’s computer criminals by following the adventures of Adrian Lamo and other well-intentioned hackers, who found security holes and pointed them out so they might be fixed, only to eventually be arrested.

Commonly thought of as computer criminals and vandals, a true hacker is an innovative thinker able to “hack” himself out of a given problem or situation, whether it be computer related or not. Historically, hackers have accounted for mankind’s greatest inventions and discoveries and yet have repeatedly been persecuted for their new ideas by the powerful and fearful. Experts on cyber-terrorism also examine our societal view of the hacker and debate as to whether or not we should recruit and utilize the skills of the helpful hackers to fight future cyber-wars, instead of continuing to punish what we do not understand

Genre : West Movie

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1.Part 1
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3.part 3
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Charly Mattei has turned his back on his criminal past. For the past three years he has been leading a peaceful life, devoting himself to his wife and his children. But then, without warning, his past catches up with him. One winter morning, he is left for dead in a Marseilles car park, his body riddled with bullets. But, against the odds, Charly is not about to die. On the contrary, his story is only just beginning..

Genre : West Movie

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1.part 1
2.part 2
3.part 3

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