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Sabtu, 25 September 2010


Zhang Yao, the leader of the Haidao vice squad, accidentally captured suspect Gao Fei, who used a fake ID. According to his confession, Gao Fei is a player of the online game “World of Warcraft” and he once met a beautiful young woman Ju Yue at a party. They began to date. One night, Cheng Tao, Lin Yan’s husband, unexpectedly found the saucy chat record between Gao Fei and his wife. In a blaze of anger, he posted an anonymous letter online condemning them . His story drew more attention than expected. Net-friends started a “cyber manhunt” and the private information of Gao Fei and Ju Yue were posted online. They also issued a wanted circular for Gao Fei and Ju Yue. To protect his family and himself, Gao Fei lost his job and hid on an island with a fake ID. After Gao Fei left the police station, Zhang Yao answered a call that a headless female body was found on the dock.

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