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Minggu, 26 September 2010


Marginally better than other similar MMA movies made by Hector Echavarria in conjunction with the fighting leagues and starring the fighters themselves. The film mostly suffers from really poor acting since not only are many of the fighters non-actors, they are surrounded by poor actors in the supporting roles. It doesn’t help that the film has the plot of almost every other MMA movie (Note to the producers and Mr Echavarria, please come up with something else in place of this one plot) nor does the production seem to have had any money spent on it, with the film style less creative then even the coverage of the fights on TV. (do I need to mention that that the fights are silly and terribly staged? I mean Echavarria sometimes stands there and waits to be attacked)

Genre : West Movie

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1.part 1
2.part 2
3.part 3
4.part 4


You can easily compare this to the greats like Date Movie and Disaster Movie and everything by Aaron Seltzer! Bo Zenga is another addition to the “well it sounded good when we threw it around the idea table” club. Of course how can you expect much when one of his last pictures was the comedic gem Soul Plane. If your one of those people who hate that someone close to you drinks too much get back at them by playing the drinking game to this movie. It’s simple the rules are you drink every time something funny actually happens in the film. This film is guaranteed to leave you sober. However i can’t guarantee you both won’t drink yourself silly to try and forget the movie you just watched.

Genre : West Movie

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Having just played the demo and then purchased the full game I got to say that the game simply rocks for so many reasons. I’m not a huge fan of RTS (Real Time Strategy) games. I’m the kind of guy who mostly plays FPS, racing, and 3D action games but Halo Wars changed my mind upon first viewing. First off the interface is clean, the controls are responsive and it’s VERY easy to place units on the map, building resources, and commanding armies. The tutorial does an excellent job of teaching you the ends and outs of strategic mobilization of ground and air troops( though I only got to command ground forces). Even more, it even reminds you if you forget how to place units and build and train armies, very nice. Like it’s FPS cousins, the graphics and sound effects are top-notch and with tight control and a story that delves even deeper into the conflict between the good and bad guys in the franchise with beautiful cinematic cut-scenes coupled with superb voice acting and well-written dialog is pure bliss that the Halo series is known for. And with online and co-op play with the possibility of content downloads via Xbox Live, is already sweet frosting to an already delicious cake. That’s not all, it’s also a turning point in the series: The first Halo game NOT released as a FPS.
With the series’ already stellar reputation and rabid fan base, In all aspects, fans of the series are positively sure that in the hands of Ensemble Studios, the finished product is nothing short of amazing and with the release of Halo 3: ODST coming out later this year, Halo fans and FPS aficionados will DEFINITELY have a lot to look forward to this year in what is already a celebrated franchise that’s as culturally relevant and revered as Star Wars; the original trilogy, of course.
Genre : West Movie

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