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Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Raging Phoenix & SAW VI

Raging Phoenix
You can’t blame the Thais for continuing to produce action movies like “Raging Phoenix”. There are basically only two genres coming out of Thailand that sells nowadays – martial arts movies and horror films. Everything else just doesn’t translate very well. One of the industry’s newest import is female ass kicking wonder Jeeja Yanin, who burst onto the scene last year with “Chocolate”, directed by “Ong Bak” head honcho Prachya Pinkaew. The film benefited greatly from Yanin’s unassuming features. For “Raging Phoenix”, we already know the deal, so director Rashane Limtrakul and action choreographer Panna Rittikrai (another “Ong Bak” vet) had to throw us a twist – a new form of martial arts that combines Muay Thai with breakdancing. Or at least, that’s the idea.

The plot for “Raging Phoenix” is as superfluous as they come – neglected rich girl Deu (Yanin) spends her time playing (badly, I might add) drums for a pop band, when she’s nearly abducted one day while trying to drink herself to death thanks to an ex-boyfriend. As luck would have it, Deu is saved by Sanim (Kazu Patrick Tang), who happens to be hanging around when the bad guys come for our heroine. Sanim whisks her off, battling guys in pogo shoes outfitted with blades along the way. He takes her back home, or what passes for home, where Deu meets his two inebriated comrades. Sanim, you see, didn’t stumble across Deu by accident; he, along with his buds, have been tracking a kidnapping ring snatching up Thai girls for nefarious purposes for some time, and was on a stake-out when Deu stumbled into their business.

Genre : West Movie

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Coming back from the midnight viewing, I am seriously shocked. I remember this time last year writing a review for SAW V, and from first impressions, I enjoyed it. Digging deeper though after-wards, I realized how much was wrong. This time however, several friends came along, avid fans of disliking the newer installments. Well, I am happy to say, they finally did something right.

The very first thing I noticed that was different was the pacing of the movie. The opening scene is a trap. I will not reveal who, or why for that matter, you pay good money to find out after all. Though after that, the movie takes a very different tone. While everyone probably is used to the nature of SAW not wasting any time, they took a different approach for the sixth installment.

We begin to follow where SAW V left off, Hoffman emerging victorious, or so it may seem. And soon enough, the introduction of our newest test subject, William. It’s hard to get into the character without spoiling anything, so if I seem vague, you know why. William is an insurance agent, the vice president of his company as a matter of fact. In that, he made a formula on how to determine who should be eligible for health insurance. Needless to say, John Kramer was a former associate of his.

Jill, the ex-wife of the infamous Jigsaw Killer was also presented a box. The box plays a large role this time around and again, I will not spoil it. Her role in the grand scheme of things is further explained and finally understood. Everything between her past with John, her present with Hoffman, and if she truly is part of the scheme, or just another person wanting to escape it all.

The story is nice refresher from the original pace and nicely executed. Acting this time around as well was great.

My only complaint is how even though the ending will surprise you, there has been so much exposed through previous installments, you feel less than shocked. Those who remember previous SAW’s will understand what I mean by shock.

There is a lot answered this time around, near everything actually. Be it the letter from SAW III, Hoffman’s true intentions, Jill’s involvement, and Jigsaw’s grand scheme, everything will be fully explained this time around. I highly recommenced this SAW, especially if you want to give it that one last chance to see if it can be saved. Personally, I find it redeeming and if they continue with refreshing courses such as this, SAW could go on forever.

Genre : West Movie

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