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Rabu, 03 November 2010

Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Mechanicas

Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Mechanics By Mircea Soare, Petre P. Teodorescu, Ileana Toma
Publisher: Springer 2006 | 488 Pages | ISBN: 1402054394 | PDF | 4 MB

The present book has its source in the authors’ wish to create a bridge between the mathematical and the technical disciplines, which need a good knowledge of a strong mathematical tool. The necessity of such an interdisciplinary work drove the authors to publish a first book to this aim with Editura Tehnica, Bucharest, Romania.
The present book is a new, English edition of the volume published in 1999. It contains many improvements concerning the theoretical (mathematical) information, as well as new topics, using enlarged and updated references. Only ordinary differential equations and their solutions in an analytical frame were considered, leaving aside their numerical approach.
The problem is firstly stated in its mechanical frame. Then the mathematical model is set up, emphasizing on the one hand the physical magnitude playing the part of the unknown function and on the other hand the laws of mechanics that lead to an ordinary differential equation or system. The solution is then obtained by specifying the mathematical methods described in the corresponding theoretical presentation. Finally a mechanical interpretation of the solution is provided, this giving rise to a complete knowledge of the studied phenomenon.
The number of applications was increased, and many of these problems appear currently in engineering.

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