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Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010



The film is a cross between Northern Exposure and the old science fiction film The Giant Claw. For all of you not familiar with Fifties Science Fiction, The Giant Claw was about a giant flying creature from outer space who came to earth to nest. That’s what old Wyvern is doing as it lays some eggs.

Barry Corbin and Elaine Miles from Northern Exposure are in the cast so you don’t forget we’re in Alaska. Corbin’s the guy who tells the rest of the townspeople what they’re dealing with. His Norwegian background in the folklore of his people makes him able to identify the monster. There’s even a Rob Morrow like doctor played by David Lewis who is something of a wise city slicker as much out of place as Morrow was. The Wyvern really has a grisly plan for him, this creature is as intelligent as Stephen Spielberg’s raptors in Jurassic Park  

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