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Senin, 04 Oktober 2010


Sl8 N8 is the Dutch answer to My Bloody Valentine… and done much, much better. Obviously the budget wasn’t the largest here, but the director and crew seemed to make the most of what they had. Effects were clearly limited and relied on camera shakes and piercing noises on moments with high tension. While this effect can easily be overdone, it isn’t here. Instead of going overboard and having these effects become distracting like other low budget horror films that try the same, here it is practiced with careful restraint and just the right touch.

Sl8 N8 also gives us a killer with a purpose. Our supernatural slasher isn’t killing at random or just for fun, oh no… He is trying to escape from hell or limbo through a satanic ritual that requires the heads of 8 victims. And just where would our story be without a cliché connection that links our main character and her dead father to our setting. There are other cliché’s, but none that really take away from the film, after all they are clichés so they do fall into what you’ve come to expect category. Hey, I never said that it wasn’t simple…

The gore factor slowly increases steadily throughout the film at just the right spots and should satisfy a good percentage of gore hounds by the end of the film… Giving us everything from brains to blood to fire to almost cannabilism – OK, let’s call it really graphic flesh tearing via mouths.

All in all, Sl8 N8 is a nice Dutch edition to the horror genre, again it’s nothing new, but it’s effective and definitely worth a watch on a rainy day.

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