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Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Bleach Movie 3: Fade To Black

Bleach Movie 3: Fade To Black
The movie opens with Mayuri Kurotsuchi in his laboratory, being attacked by a mysterious scythe. Stumbling, he accidentally hits a control panel, triggering a massive explosion of reiatsu that envelopes the entirety of Seireitei in a cocoon-like substance. Kenpachi Zaraki hurries, only to witness the disaster; the explosion destroys Seireitei and causes amnesia in all Shinigami residing there.

Rukia, who was away from Seireitei and therefore safe from this incident, is attacked by the same scythe. As it hurtles towards her, she feels something inside her vanish; Rukia’s heart and memories have been stolen. Meanwhile, in the Human World, Ichigo senses danger, and he realizes that Rukia’s existence had vanished from his mind for a moment. Kon, on the other hand, reveals another coded letter from Rukia, similar to the one she left before leaving to be executed in Soul Society.

Ichigo and Kon visit Kisuke Urahara’s store, only to discover that he, too, has completely forgotten Rukia. However, they do learn from him that a part of Seireitei was destroyed, and there may be a relation. Ichigo remarks Rukia as “a precious nakama”, earning a smirk from Urahara, who opens a gate to the Soul Society

Download here
1.part 1
2.part 2
3.part 3
4.part 4
5.part 5
6.part 6
7.part 7

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