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Rabu, 03 November 2010

Gun Warrior: The Rider From Nowhere

Gun Warrior: The Rider From Nowhere
PC game | Genre: Action | 583 MB

Gun Warrior is a fast-paced 3D Shooter game that takes place in the harsh and brutal world of the Wild West. In the course of your violent journey, you will encounter (and defeat) literally hundreds of enemies in a classic,high noon-style duel shoot-out. Gun Warrior is more than just a Classic. Gun Warrior is more than just a mission-based shooter. The additional game mode is the Gunfighter's Tournament Mission-based shooter where you can test your skills against the most feared gunmen of all in the Wild west You are, after all, one of them: The main player character is Cole Tilghman,whose name was feared or revered all over the Great Frontier of the Wild West era.

Game features :

- 4 Different locations.
- 30 Characters.
- 9 Personal weapons with different propertie.s
- Amazing in-game animations (real-time rend covered cut scenes).
- Intensive game-play.
- Special game modes.

Choose between 9 different types of weapon:

- standard revolver (6 bullet magazine / rotator)
- Automatic revolver
- Automatic revolver double
- Peacemaker colt (huge caliber, six bullet gun)
- Winchester (repeating rifle, 10 bullets)
- Hunting rifle (precision rifle and six bullets)
- Demolition shotgun (double barrel. double shot)
- Sniper rifle (long range rifle with precision scope, five bullets)

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